13 Baby Item Must Have’s

Finding and having useful baby items for your child is definitely on my list! I wanted to gather up some of the top handy and useful Baby items that were my absolute favourite and made things easier for me and of course my baby boy throughout the first year! If you haven’t tried or are looking into something similar, give these a try and maybe you might like!

1) Kladdid Waterproof Baby Bib

As soon as your baby starts eating on their own, damn they get hella messy! I love this bib I got from IKEA. I put this on Kyvan when he eats and he doesn’t get dirty at all which is the awesome thing! At the bottom of the bib folds into a little cup so it catches all of the food that falls down. Best thing ever! It’s so easy to clean, dry and then reuse all over again!

2) OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

This bib is great to bring when you’re out on the go. You can find this bib at any local grocery store near you. I pack this with me whenever I’m out. Easily folds and easily cleans!

3) Baby Boon Travel Bottle Drying Rack

I absolutely love this one! I got this from Crocodile Baby or you can find it on Amazon. So easy and simple to bring it whenever you travel. The perfect little size that fits in your bag.

4) Zincofax Diaper Rash Cream

At first, I was using baby powder, then I started using this diaper cream recommended by my fiance sister, and honestly best diaper rash cream ever! It reduces the redness and it immediately makes the rash disappear in no time. You can easily find this at any grocery or baby stores.

5) Aleva Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipe

I bring these wipes with me everywhere I go! Super handy and makes everything cleaner. Kyvan always throws his pacifiers and bottles on the ground whenever we are out and these wipes are a lifesaver. Again, you can find these anywhere.

6) Avent Sterilizer

I love this sterilizer! So easy to use and fits all of Kyvan’s bottles and pacifiers. Only takes 6 minutes to sterilize! I got mine from Amazon.

7)Back seat car mirror

You don’t specifically need a certain kind of brand back seat mirror, but I find these of course useful.

8) Horseshoe-shaped Breastfeeding Pillow

Honestly, such a comfortable pillow! I used this to help me breastfeed Kyvan when he was a newborn and then he started using it during tummy time. Till now from time to time, he uses it as a pillow when he drinks his bottle. Even I still lay on it too lol. I got this pillow from my baby shower but I’m sure you can find it at any baby store!

9) Munchkin Baby Bottle Scrub Brush

Love this bottle brush because at the bottom there’s a grip where you can let it stand on its own. Also at the bottom, there’s the bottle lid scrubber attached to it which makes it easy to use in one go! I got mine from my baby shower or you can find this anywhere at the stores.

10) Kushies Mess-free Silicone Plate

This one has the perfect little dividers for your baby’s food. Also has a grip it sticks onto the table and high chair tray. (Depending on what kind of table or high chair you have). It’s nice and bright that Kyvan loves the colour of his food on this plate which excites him to eat lol. I got this from Babies R Us.

11) Mommy Hook

Best invention ever. So handy when you are shopping and your stroller has no more space for your stuff, just hang it! From Babies R Us

12) Baby Monitor

Can’t say no to not seeing your baby nap when your out of the room right!

13) Infantino Baby Carrier

Okay, hands down for this life saver!! Any baby carrier is a must have especially the reversible ones, as you can get your stuff done and not have your baby whine and cry for you. I used this all the time when I cleaned the house, shop, walk, and exercise. Also, to put him to sleep this was super easy. Kyvan would fall asleep in there real quick. I started using Kyvan in this when he was almost 4 months old.

And then another baby carrier I started using when he can hold himself up and is more steady, is this side ride hip seat carrier. Definitely less stress on the arms! It does come with straps that you can carry baby on your back as well. I still use both baby carriers. I think you can find this one from online!

And that’s it! My top favourites! I hope this helped the new Mommas, future moms, moms to be or already Mommas! =) If there’s any you’d like to know more that’s not on my list please leave me an email or comment below!


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