About Me & The Blog

Hello! Still currently building my blog but welcome! So a little bit about me I'm 26 years old from Vancouver, BC, Canada. My background is Hmong and I am a mother to my beautiful son Kyvan and engaged to the most caring and supportive man that I know. On my spare time I love to write, photography, arts & crafts, yoga or any kind of fun exercises, watch a great show, play with makeup, travel and spend time with my loved ones.


SEEHERLIFE.COM is named after my name See Her. Most people know me as Maisee (My-See), which is the name I prefer to be called. I have been writing since I was 9 years old and to this day I still use writing as one of my therapeutic tools as it really helps me engage my deepest thoughts and feelings. Starting a blog is the perfect place for me to voice my mind and share some of my passions, interests, and experiences through some of the fun things I love to do. Above all else, blogging for anyone who loves travelling, mommy life, finding yourself, God, relationships and more. I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and find them inspiring just as much as I enjoy writing them!



Love & Light!